Creating a New Class of Vitrectomy Machine

In the past it was just assumed that vitrectomy machines had to be big and expensive and that vitrectomy pack prices would always increase.  Synergetics has boldly challenged this view by creating a new class of vitrectomy machine with the launch of the VersaVIT™ and Core Essentials™ vitrectomy pack.  Designed in response to the changing needs of the market, the VersaVIT™ vitrectomy machine now provides surgeons with a platform that is portable, versatile, space saving and most of all cost efficient.

From helping you minimize your ongoing operational costs to its portable and easy to operate design, the VersaVIT™ and Core Essentials™ vitrectomy packs offer you new opportunities that other competitors simply cannot match.  Discover the possibilities with VersaVIT™.


Specifically designed to be easier to use, lighter and more cost efficient, the VersaVIT™ system has all the features desired by retinal surgeons in an easily portable 25 lb. unit, including: 

  • 2,500 cuts per minute rate
  • Dual LED light source with 25,000 hours of life
  • Wall socket or battery powered
  • Compressed air, nitrogen or CO₂ compatible
  • Intuitive user operation
  • Simple setup
  • Built-in handle
  • Quiet operation
  • No start-up delay
  • Fluid air exchange
  • Linear foot pedal


VersaVIT™ accessories are offered to enhance the flexibility and adaptability of the system and include:

  • VersaCART with IV Pole
  • Foot Pedal
  • Battery Pack
  • Adapter Hose
  • VersaVIT™ Travel Case

Core Essentials™ Packs

Why should you continue to be saddled with an ever-increasing share of rising pack prices? The VersaVIT™ Core Essentials™ Pack is exactly what you need for your surgeries... nothing more, nothing less.  With a variety of gauges for you to choose from, the packs offer cost-conscious options that work.

  • 20ga Core Essentials™ Pack for use with VersaVIT™
  • 23ga Core Essentials™ Pack for use with VersaVIT™
  • 25ga Core Essentials™ Pack for use with VersaVIT™
  • 27ga Core Essentials™ Pack for use with VersaVIT™

*3ft cutter available in all gauge sizes only for use with CO₂ cartridges