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Pediatric Instrumentation

Pediatric vitreoretinal disorders provide unique challenges for the retina specialist.   To address these challenges, surgeons are currently asked to use instrumentation designed for adult eyes.  Unfortunately, this one size fits all approach is not always efficient in achieving the best possible outcome.  Synergetics partnered with Drs. Antonio Capone, Jr., Kimberly Drenser, and Michael Trese of Detroit, Michigan to help fill this void in the market.  Numerous design variables were considered, including: gauge size, illumination, irrigation, intra-ocular access, and dissection.  The versatility of 23ga was selected as it provides access to small dissection spaces in the far periphery while also allowing for robust instrumentation that is needed for the dense proliferative tissue associated with many pediatric diseases.    

Multifunctional illumination, novel forceps, and port entry systems for two and three port approaches are now available:

  • 23ga Stealth Port Entry System, 3mm | 58.23-3MM | 23ga
  • 20/23ga Infusing Instrument Cannula System | 58.2023-3MM | 20ga
  • Vertical Forceps | 11.41.23 | 23ga
  • Microserrated Snub Nosed Forceps | 39.18.23PIN | 23ga
  • Illuminated Capone/Rizzo Pick | 56.45.23P | 23ga
  • Illuminated Membrane Rake | 56.46.23P | 23ga
  • Irrigating Trese Spatula | D28.30.23 | 23ga
  • Irrigating Trese Spatula | 28.30.23 | 23ga

27 gauge

In keeping with the continued evolution of retinal surgery toward increasingly less invasive techniques, Synergetics now offers a complete line of 27ga products. VersaPACK™ Standard Packs now also offered in 27ga, allowing even more customization choices in that groundbreaking vitrectomy pack.